Can I do this with CWS?

Dec 13, 2009 at 4:12 AM

Hi guys, I'm new to this site.  I have been messing with Umbraco for about a week now. 

I'm an ex conputer geek who never did learn to code anything.  I took a 5 year break form computers at which point I became hugely interested in digital video.  My current quest is to create a replacement for my piece of junk web site that I created a while ago between two deployments to the middle east for the Army. 

So, I have found Umbraco, learned to install it, learned to install CWS 2.0.2, and am loving it.  I think it would be too much for me to try creating my own site in Umbraco, so it makes more sense to just run with a CWS install & attempt to add a few more features.  I will carefully adjust the style of the default CWS install, add some graphics, and avoid rewriting code as much as possible.

My biggest requirement to add is a video player.  The purpose of the site is to be able to show samples of my video work, and possibly create secure access for paying customers to view full versions of selected products online.  In researching video players, I have found one I love!  The Microsoft Silverlight player seems like it's just awesome.  I have never seen online footage look that good, and it's ability to dynamicly adjust bandwidth without stopping playback is just phenominal.  I tested it a bunch & did everything but hook my computer up to my 67" TV for test purposes, but I think if I had, I would it would have looked as good as the output from my Blueray player.  I think i have to try that next.

Sooo it looks like Silverlight is not a plug & play product.  I found a site about it at codegarden, so I will be reading, but can anyone suggest a strategy for getting it going in Umbraco, & even better, inside a CWS site? 

Also, after messing with CWS all day, I have it running, but when I send test messages with the contact form, or the Email to a friend form, I get 2 messages everywhere I should get one.  Any ideas?  I read one thread about it, verified i am using different email addresses in all the fields, but I still get duplicates.  I can mess with that later though.  I plan to be developing this for a while :) 

I am considering creating a blog about my experience.  It seems if I can do this, anyone with a bit of technical knowledge can.  I will need help though, so I'm hoping I can count on the Umbraco community to point me in the right direction. 

Llast but not least, a huge thanks to Warren Buckley, Sam Grady, and everyone else who worked on CWS, it's awesome!

Dec 14, 2009 at 4:28 PM

Hello Justin,
I am glad you like CWS as a useful place to start learning Umbraco.

I have had no experience of Silverlight personally, but there is nothing to stop you using Silverlight in your umbraco website.
I recommend for you to check out some further details at the main umbraco site and the community site & forum for help adding your silverlight player to your website, as its not really a specific CWS topic.

In regards to the duplicate email problems - it will send out on email to the website owner and one to the user who filled out the form, so if you are using the same address for both then thats where you may be getting duplicates?

Thankyou again for giving me such nice feedback on CWS, by the way CWS is a one man team with some design help from an ex-collegue of mine Sam Grady.

If you have anymore specific CWS questions feel free to ask them, if they are more related to umbraco then the forum at would be better suited.

Warren :)