Email server configuration?

Mar 24, 2009 at 9:26 PM
Hi Warren,

Thanks for your latest version of this. I have installed it and mostly all working fine and played with it a bit and made it add blog like comments.

But where do I configure the email server setting. Mail server, username, password.
On CWW 0.99 it was on one of the tabs from the content.

I have been through a load of templates and macros but I cannot find it anywhere.

Also a couple of slight (IMHO) omissions/design features.

You have not included the 'email this to friend' header on the news and event themselves. I would have though this should have been included as it seems the most important place to have this.

So in the Item template you need to add 
<asp:content ContentPlaceHolderId="headerLinksContent" runat="server">
    <!-- XSLT Macro - Email A Friend Link -->
    <umbraco:Macro Alias="CWS_EmailAFriendLink" runat="server"></umbraco:Macro>

Also in the Flash module thing you force it to be uppercase e.g. for rendering the sitename/logo. Is this by design? I would have thought it would render it in the case displayed of the name of the content. Anyway I removed the forced flash logo to be uppercase on my version - all part of the learning did take me ages to find it though.


Mar 25, 2009 at 10:05 AM
Hi John,
Glad to hear you have got CWS2 up and running for you. In regards to the email server configuration I have moved to best practises and rather than the previous setup of having umbraco's mail server settings in the web.config and different settings passed from umbraco directly to the usercontrol, I have now changed it so that you need to modify the web.config mail configuration section which will be used for notifications inside Umbraco as well.

  <!-- This Replaces the old umbracoSmptpServer config-->
        <network host="" userName="username" password="password" />

Thanks for highlighting to me the missing email a friend link on the news and event item templates, I will move that to an issue so it does not get forgottten when I update CWS2 next.

In regards to the sIFR technique it was per the design to have the top right logo/sitename text in uppercase.
I am working on documentation that should cover the problems that you have faced.

Any more issues please let me know though.

Mar 25, 2009 at 5:37 PM
Edited Mar 25, 2009 at 5:41 PM
Thanks Warren. It that makes it easier in the web.config for the mail. I'll keep you posted on anything else I find.

Edit: There was one other small thing. When you remove the photo from home it would display on screen the alternative text that is in the template. No big deal but I just wasn't expecting it so I removed the references to the alt/rollover text in the relevant template.