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Project Description

This is the home for the Umbraco Creative Website Starter (CWS) project. Umbraco CMS is an .NET opensource CMS.
This package was created by Umbraco MVP Warren Buckley and was designed by ex-collegue Sam Grady of G72


You can now always download the latest version of the CWS package from the Umbraco Package repository or alternatively download from this codeplex project.


From this NEW CWS package comes the following:
  • Obviously a BRAND NEW spanking design from ex-collegue Sam Grady of G-72
  • A focus for this site to be used to help teach new users to the Umbraco CMS platform.
  • .NET usercontrols written in C#
  • XSLT & .NET code heavily commented to help understand what is going on.
  • With supporting documentation coming in the near future.

How to install CWS

Watch this video on how to install CWS for Umbraco



About Umbraco - Textpage


News & Events


Search Results


I would love to hear any feedback you have positive or negative (as long as it's constructive)
  • Any Bug you have found - Please use Issue Tracker to report this
  • Any Suggestions/improvements
  • If you want to show me a link where you have customised CWS2
  • If you want to say thanks.

Thank you's

Thanks goes to Douglas Robar for XSLT Search which is included in CWS2 along with Richard Soeteman for coding the URL Rewriting package action which DLL is used in CWS2 and Sam Grady doing some fantastic design work but most of all a BIG thanks goes to Emma my other half who has made me endless cups of tea's and supported me.

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